Medical English Level II. Graduate Studies Course. ULA.

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Medical English Reading Programme and Free Medical Journals


List of Titles

1. Treating the discharging ear in general practice.

2. Nails.

3. Spontaneous rupture of the stomach in the adult.

4. Does cimetidine alter the prognosis following perforated duodenal ulcer?

5. Leiomyosarcoma presenting as a PUO.

6. Ong term effects of somoking on herat disease.

7. Rhythmic raiding of the refrigerator related to rapid eye movment sleep.

8. Oesophageal stricture following inadvertent ingestion of Steradent trables in the   elderly.

9. Chancroid.

10.Crohn´s disease in the elderly.

11. Retless leg syndrome.

12. Recurrent ventricular tachycardia: acverse drug reactions.

13. Early diagnosis of chronic fetal hypoxia in a diabetic pregnancy.

14. Monitoring the anaesthetist.

15. Monitoring the anaesthetist.

16. Breastfeeding as a family planning method.

17. Asymptomatic microscopical haematuria.


The British Medical Journals

Pubmed Central Journals

American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine: 

American Journal of Critical Care:

American Journal of Men´s Health:

British Medical Bulletin:

British Medical Journal Group  (BMJ Group ):

Diabetes Care:

Family Practice:

Fundación Ginebrina para la Formación e Investigación Médica:

 Jama Archives:

Journal of Advanced Nursing:

The Family Journal:

Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics:The American Journal of Clinical Investigation:


The Lancet:

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition:

The Annals of Family Medicine:

The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist :

Maternal and Chidl Nutrition;

Nutrition in Clinical Care:

Obstetrics and Gynaecology:

The American Journal of Gastroenterology:Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics:


BMC Pediatrics:


Pediatric in Review:

The Journal of Pediatrics:

 The Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition:;jsessionid=LVqp8Dv7QQ7Gvkv6Yxvm2yhlVgc8MpdmsS2mTMK8YTrvjwB9pmyN!-629222879!181195628!8091!-1

Pediatric Research:;jsessionid=LVpBxLFXxqHpqChL5F0585fTyGcCyPrhH2xv2JVcHQrGrG8vQ4w4!-629222879!181195628!8091!-1



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